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New School to House National Commission for Quality Long-Term Care
Pace Selected as Executive Director  

August 14, 2006 

Contact:  Doug Pace 
[email protected]

NEW YORK--The New School has been selected to administer the National Commission for Quality Long-Term Care. Created in October 2004, the Commission is charged with evaluating the current quality of long-term care, identifying factors that influence the ability to improve quality of this care, and tracking improvement in the years ahead. The Commission is co-chaired by former Sen. Bob Kerrey and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Govs. Haley Barbour of Mississippi and Phil Bredesen of Tennessee have also been appointed as commissioners  

To guide the commissioners in their work, Doug Pace has been appointed executive director of the Commission. Pace, who most recently worked for the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, is a licensed nursing home administrator who has more than 10 years association experience working on long-term care issues at both the state and national levels, including the Assisted Living Workgroup and the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living.   

“The commissioners, co-chairman Gingrich and I want to move quickly to explore the issues and make recommendations about national efforts that should lead to sustainable quality improvement,” said New School President Bob Kerrey. “The New School is honored to be selected to manage this important task and we are grateful that Doug Pace, an experienced and talented long-term care professional, has agreed to work with us on this initiative.”  

About the Commission 
The Commission's goals include:

  • To recommend national goals and specific objectives and targets for long-term care quality improvement;
  • To report on long-term care quality indicators and measures, in order to determine progress over time, to judge improvement efforts, and to assess stakeholders’ commitment to improvement;
  • To advance a proposal to reform the financing of long term care to ensure long term care financial solvency and to protect the broad interests;
  • To provide a forum for public dialogue among long-term care professionals, consumers, regulators, purchasers, providers, and other stakeholders on long-term care quality and quality improvement;
  • To explore the potential of technology for innovative development that can improve the lives of seniors across the span of aging services; and
  • To recommend a national policy agenda for long-term care quality improvement.

About The New School  
The New School was founded in 1919 as the New School for Social Research by a group of distinguished independent-minded scholars including historian Charles Beard, economists Thorstein Veblen and James Harvey Robinson, and philosopher John Dewey. Today, The New School, led by President Bob Kerrey, is a legendary, progressive university comprising eight schools bound by a common, unusual intent: to prepare and inspire its 9,300 undergraduate and graduate students to bring actual, positive change to the world.